About Us

Max Quality Electric Co; Ltd establish since 1984 , as a leader with Carbon Film Fixed Resistor and Metal Film Fixed Resistor passive components. To accommodate market demand, the Max Quality Electric Co; Ltd has continuously develop new products and expanding our production lines for twenty years, continual technology improvement, and quality, prompt service, competitive price and problem solving. Our commitment is to achieve total customer satisfaction .Now the Max Quality Electric Co; Ltd has lots different kind of resistor, include Metal Oxide Film Fixed Resistor , Wire Wound Resistor , Metal Glazed Resistor and different kind of color resistor, at high power resistor Max Quality Electric Co; Ltd have Cement Resistor , Gold Aluminum Housed Resistor , Power Wire Wound Resistor .

Max Quality Electric Co; Ltd employees have all been fully trained and they all have years of on site experience. The production lines incorporate industry-leading technology and many leading electronics companies have rated the quality of our products highly. Especially we are very competitive in some particular, rare, Partial regulation components. We are able to fulfill customer's needs in requirements. No matter what your company's need is, Max Quality Electric Co; Ltd believes we can help you produce the finest resistor. Max Quality Electric Co; Ltd developed innovative technology, combining the technical advantages of thick film processes and low cost of processes to develop unique Precision Resistor, developed an excellent and unique characteristics of the metal glazed resistor, high voltage resistance, has the most wide resistance range, the most precise and lowest TCR, become the world's few the metal glazed resistor manufacturing tolerances down to 1% tolerance and TCR's down to 100 ppm.